Football Team Roster

In the summer of 1960 our team, the Lords of Lansdowne Aldan, attended football camp and arrived home with our first game scheduled against Collingdale.  The starting offensive lineup for that game on September 17, 1960 at Collingdale: 

                  29- Don Pusey- right end

                  55-Paul Bashore-  left tackle

                  39- Charles Manfredonia-  left guard

                  38- John Davis- center

                  40-Rex Cassel- right guard

                  42- John Williams-   right tackle

                  45- Jack MacMullan- left end   (Captain)

                  22- Tom Maher- quarterback

                  37- Pete DiDonato- left halfback

                  25- Lou Padula-  right halfback

                  33- Bill Galbraith-   fullback 

other players on the roster:    20- Al Summy quarterback         21- Dick Kinnear  halfback

                                            23- Joe Austin  halfback              24- Ted Irrgang   halfback

                                            26- Tom Speers  guard                27- Bill Nock  quarterback

                                            28- Ken Kleckner  tackle            30- Pete Berthrong  center

                                            31- Neil Facchinetti guard            32-Bob McDougall   kicker

                                            34- Tom Maxwell  strong safety   35- Bob Wheeler  center

                                            36- John Florence fullback           43- Andy Loomis  end

                                            41- Don Sinclair  center               46- Tom Braun  back

                                            47- Tom Loomis end                   48- Ned McFeely end

                                            49- Ron Miller end                      50- Dave Thomas tackle

                                            51- Bud Mauger  tackle

                                            54- Chick Gamble guard             44-Bill Sharpe  tackle

                                            57-Tom Hough guard

                                            58-Charles Johnson  end             59- Ed Lennig

                                            60-King Perry tackle                   61-Bob Short  back


                                     Managers- Tom Bell, John Elliot, Les Wilson and Harry Koch 

                                      Head Coach- Ray Spafford   Asst Coach- Tony Soscia

                                                                                    Asst Coach- Don Cornman